First time in Lviv! Kizomba1Lviv DJ Fest
Kizomba Festival!

Hotline +38 093 018 4244

World-famous dj Radical will play two night 5 hour sets for your in Lviv, Ukraine !!!

Together with him DJ_LaKosta, DJ_Xena, DJ_KIS, DJ_La-Gata (Ukraine) will create an unforgettable atmosphere and a varied Fests program

Spend Kizomba weekend May 20-22, in Ukraine in Lviv - a beautiful historic city,
which is considered the center of Europe.

Professional sound and light, a huge hall and the latest hits and remixes for you from one of the best DJ in the world -
DJ Radikal Kizomba! In addition, you will find Bootcamp - 21 May from 17.00 to 20.00.

In addition, on Saturday, May 21, at 16.00 we will hold BOOTCAMP with amazing master Kizomba - Yuri Leshchuk (Odessa). Together for 3 hours we will study choreography prepared by Yuri exclusively for our Fest and at night at a party, we will organize a grand flash mob with DJ Radikal and make professional video!

Do not miss!

Запрошення DJ radikal kizomba
Фестиваль кізомби у Львові

Festival schedule

Night Party 21:00-4:00
21:00–23:00 23:00–01:00 01:00–02:00 02:00–04:00
DJ_Kis, Dj_LaGatta (Ukraine) DJ Radikal (France) DJ_LaKosta (Ukraine) DJ Radikal (France) DJ_Xena, DJ_LaKosta (Ukraine)
21.05.2016 Yuriy Leshuk DJ_LaKosta, DJ_Xena DJ Radikal (France) DJ_Xena (Ukraine) DJ Radikal (France) Dj_LaGatta, DJ_Kis
Sensual Dance lviv fest

Spend an unforgettable Kizomba weekend in Lviv.

Lviv known as a center of artistic, literary, musical and theatrical art.

Lviv is a beautifull ancient city in the Centre of Europe. by one of the best There is free Wi Fi zone іn the centrum of the city. Lviv has a very good connection with many countries of the world and the biggest tourist potential in Ukraine.

lviv salsa kizomba bachata fest

The venue of the festival

"Bila pantera". Lviv. Hutorivka street 26

Professional sound and light.

Dance hall (parquetry).

(Indoor shoes required!)

Prices for Kizomba1Lviv DJ Fest

  • Payment until 20.04.2016

    1 Night Party - 7.5 EUR
    2 Night Parties - 15.0 EUR
    Bootcamp(21.05) - 5 EUR
    1 BOOTCAMP+1 Night Party-12.5EUR
    FULL PASS (2 Night Parties+Bootcamp)-20EUR

  • Payment until 15.05.2016

    1 Night Party - 8.5 EUR
    2 Night Parties - 17.0 EUR
    Bootcamp(21.05) - 6 EUR
    1 Bootcamp+1 Night Party-14.5EUR
    FULL PASS (2 Night Parties+Bootcamp)-23EUR

  • Payment after 15.05.2016 or payment at the entrance

    1 Night Party - 10 EUR
    2 Night Parties - 20.0 EUR
    Bootcamp(21.05) - 7 EUR
    1 Bootcamp+1 Night Party-17 EUR
    FULL PASS (2 Night Parties+Bootcamp)-27EUR

  • Payment in UAH according to the exchange rate EUR on the day prepay

    Register online


Afterparty 4:00 – 7:30

Kafee-ship «Фортуна» (2 min walking Sports complex "Grace")
You can drink morning coffee, talk, eat breakfast and meet the sunrise

Afterparty l'viv kizomba
Afterparty lviv кизомба

Реєструйся на kizomba1lviv

International Sensual Dance dj festival (Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata).